Dakine Jo Jo Crossbody Bag - Elephant

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Everybody needs a casual crossbody purse for going out and about on weekdays and weekends, or as a personal travel bag for keeping your valuables close by. The Jo Jo follows the lead of our popular Jive model with added volume and a bonus zippered front pocket, with generous dimensions to accommodate a tablet. You'll wonder how you got by without the Jo Jo.


  • 10 x 11 [ 25 x 28cm ]
  • Crossbody strap length 28 to 55 [ 71 to 140cm ]


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits most tablets
  • Interior zippered pocket
  • Adjustable crossbody shoulder strap

    If your Dakine bag gets dirty, we recommend hand washing with mild soap (like Nikwax Tech Wash), cold water and a soft bristle brush. If hand washing is not going to do the trick, use a front loader washing machine. To ensure your backpack doesn't get tangled, place inside a pillowcase or mesh bag before washing. Always use cold water, mild soap and run on a gentle cycle. Never bleach your pack. Hang to dry in a warm but shady place, ensuring both inside and out are dry before storing.