Salomon Womens Vitane Classic Nordic Boots - Black/Castlerock/DUSTY BLUE

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Designed for touring women eager to embrace the outdoors, Salomon’s Vitane touring boots combine great comfort, warmth and enough grip for walking. 100% PVC FREE, they feature a waterproof zipper and lace cover that protect your feet from the snow, while the anatomical touring fit increases your all-day comfort.

BEST FOR Classic Beginner

Weight: 0.712 KG

Boot width: Wide

Embark on your cross-country journey with our beginner-friendly gear. Designed for easy learning and stability, our skis provide smooth glides. Comfortable boots offer support, while simple bindings ensure secure control. Elevate your skills with gear that grows with you.

Embrace the perfect match for classic skiing with our soft flex Nordic boots. Experience a natural forefoot roll, enhancing your stride. Designed to adapt to your style, these boots provide comfort and efficiency for the classic technique. Elevate your classic skiing with boots that support your every move.

Indulge in comfort and warmth with our wide width Nordic boots. Designed for a roomier fit, these boots offer enhanced insulation and coziness. Ideal for skiers prioritizing comfort during extended outings. Elevate your enjoyment and endurance with boots that provide the space you need for longer adventures.

Elevate performance with Prolink. Ideal for racing, endurance, and touring. Seamless power transfer, control, and precision. Lightweight design, responsive feel. Gear designed to match your ambition.