Dreamboats ~ THE TWO CAN

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The only thing better than floating is floating with your best mate. Dreamboats designed the Two Can to make your floating fantasies come true.  A fully adjustable two-person inflatable to suit all conditions.  Each seat is customizable with 5 unique banana backrest positions. Valves are embedded in each seat in order to regulate water flow – popped to get wet, plugged to stay dry. To top it off, your new Two Can includes a detachable 15-can cooler and a dry bag to keep your drinks frigid and your prized possessions dry.

Size: 91x42x11 inches


  • Dual storage pockets
  • Removable Banana Backrests with 6 Position Options
  • Four water valves in the seat to regulate water flow
  • Cupholder
  • Dual handles
  • Supervalve
  • Included in box:
    • 5 foot lace for tethering etc
    • Carabiner for keys/accessories
    • Detachable 15-pack cooler bag
    • 1.5 Litre dry bag